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My love for dance started at a very young age, Being brought up in Turkey, belly dancing has been part of my life. I remember dancing at hen nights and weddings with more mature girls who could dance well. They would wrap a scarf around my hips and head and put me in middle of the circle. I enjoyed copying them; I had a natural talent to learn the moves, make them my own, and develop an original style. I started my dance history with practicing belly dance then Turkish, Azerbaijani and Kurdish Folk Dance whole through my primary school, high school and university. I was a member of many Turkish Folk Dance groups. The types of folk dance I performed were Kars (a city in North east Turkey), Adana (a city in Mediterranean part of Turkey), Gaziantep (a city in South East Turkey), Bitlis (East Turkey), Elazig( East Turkey), Tunceli( East Turkey), Ankara (The capital City). I had training in "Kafkas, Kasik oyunlari(spoon dance), Dogu Halay, Cukurova Halay, Atabari, Chiftetelli".

Seeing the popularity of belly dance in UK, and realising its benefits on health, life style and confidence, I started to teach and enjoy sharing this experience. I have been running my classes at Walmley Hall every Tuesday evening since 2000. I also teach and perform at workshops, primary schools, various events such as henna parties and performed at charity events as well as my own charity nights.

Anatomy of Oryantal Dance:

Ozlem teaches hip circles and shimmers, tummy rolls and shimmers, snaky arms, snaky hands, flexible fingers, working on the abdomen, rib cage, shoulder back and forward rolls and back movements in detail. She uses some of these detailed teaching movements as body warm up and cool down.

Turkish Oryantal Belly Dance:

Hip shimmers, tummy rolls and shimmers, shoulder shimmers, turnings, hair swirling (not repetitive ones), entering the stage, building up the dance and finishing your performance.

Turkish Folk Dance:

Arm and feet movements, meanings of the movements and building them up for a choreography / performance. This teaching is suitable for a pair, small and large group of dancers.

Floor dancing:

How to start your dance and do your movements soft and beautiful on the floor.


Using the veil as a prop or for the whole dance, using double veil in your performance

Fan Veils:

Fan Veils are very attractive way of introducing your performance and maybe going all the way and completing it with it. Turnings and combining body movements with fan veils

Isis Wings:

Using Isis Wings in your performance as a group or solo

Spoon dancing:

You will need four wooden spoons two for each hand. This technique used in folk dance.

Zills / Finger Cymbals:

You will need four zills two for each hand. This workshop topic to be embedded into other topics.

Ozlem has been well known for making her own costumes, knowing the good suppliers with quality materials from Turkey to make dance costumes. This workshop is to have a knowledge of what to use for starting and building up your costume. It will be unique and your own design.