You can book Ozlem Green for teaching sessions below: Private teaching: One to one teaching Two people Three people Group of four Workshops Group teaching Teaching at hen parties Festival teaching and performance Teaching choreography Learn to become a dancer Learn to become a dance teacher Teaching styles and methods: Ozlem uses visual, kinaesthetic, theoretical, audio, demonstrations, and other methods and styles that individual learner prefers to learn with. Assessments: Ongoing Feedback, Observation, Q&A (question and answer), revision, role play Learning disabilities: Belly Dance known to help people with disabilities to be more active, improve communication verbal and non verbal, build and improve confidence, improve muscle tone on the parts that the learner is able to exercise. It improves children affected with autism to build coordination, improve non verbal communication and develop confidence. Qualifications: Ozlem Green has Turkish Folk Dance Teaching Qualification which qualifies her to teach dance in schools. She also has Initial Teacher Training Stages 1 and 2 and Certificate in Education (CertEd) from the UK. CRB: Ozlem Green has CRB check which is required from teachers in the UK to work in schools or adult education centres also has Home Office detailed check for where it may be required. Public Liability Insurance: Ozlem Green has public liability insurance to work at some places that may require. Experience: Above all she has great experience in teaching dance professionally since 1996. Ozlem has danced in groups from her primary school to university and carried on her group dance activities until 1996. After coming to the UK she started teaching Oryantal Turkish Belly Dance, Gypsy, Turkish Folk, and Engyptian styles. She encouraged people to do belly dance to keep fit. She has been teaching at her own classes, primary and secondary schools, at workshops, universities, Adult Education Centres, hen parties and festivals. Props she teaches are veil, double veil, fan veil, Isis wings, candles, spoons and zills (finger cymbals). Ozlem takes bookings for weddings, hen parties, festivals, birthday parties and other special occasions. These could be only a show performance, show and audience participation or performance plus teaching session.